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Helping healthcare professionals

Madina Estephan

Physician & expert in healthcare organization management, education and communication.

Why engaged and motivated healthcare professionals are the power of your organization?

Highly skilled and engaged teams increase quality of health care and patients' trust in your organization.

  • Minimizes number of medical mistakes thus increasing patient safety standards and positively influencing treatment outcomes.
  • Increased patient satisfaction will be translated into lower number of complaints.
  • Minimizes losses from conflict management, staff turnover and sick leave pays.
  • Promotes patient centered care with empathy and compassion, meeting patients’ expectation and increasing loyalty to your organization.
Why engaged and motivated healthcare professionals are the power of your organization?

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  • Consultancy for healthcare professionals and medical organizations

    Your people are your assets. By investing in the health and potential of your people, you strengthen your organizational healthspan. Through systematic diagnosis of your organization and step-by-step activation of growth points, we can help you reach a new level of efficiency

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    Consultancy for healthcare professionals and medical organizations
  • “Wise Medics” Programs

    The human factor is the key to the professional success of any organization. Our programs are the result of evidence based tools to empower every healthcare professional.

    Our programs are designed to unfold three fundamental leadership qualities of a Wise Medic:

    Expert – knowledgeable, competent, constantly evolving

    Systemic – thinking broadly and systemically, constructive, unifying

    Human-centered – caring, empathetic, compassionate, listening.

    Our programs can be easily adapted to goals and objectives of healthcare professionals within your organization.

    Our prices are assessed on a case by case basis.


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     “Wise Medics” Programs

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  • Elena Kalmikova

    Executive Director, European Oncology Clinic, Moscow

    The value of the seminar “Process Communication Model® and Interpersonal Communication in Medicine” that Dr Estephan provided to nurses staff at our clinic cannot be overestimated. To maintain high standards, we regulary organise staff trainings, as well as we target prevention measures to avoid professional burnout. The team of ward nurses enthusiastically participated in the PCM® seminar, demonstrating openness to new experiences and readiness to use practical skills of effective communication in a team, with patients, and also with their relatives and friends.

  • Oxana Moldovanova

    Founder & President of the National Foundation for Wemen Health "Beyond", Russia

    Process Communication Model® is a powerful tool to build effective relashionships with people in different situations and different environment. The Model is based on understanding of self-regulation, anticipation of stress behaviors of your interlocutor, and allowing to build positive team relashionships. This is very much needed in today’s healthcare environment. I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Madina Estephan and Victor Pashenko for a highly professional traning provided to clinical oncologists with support of our foundation.

  • Catherine Le Gallo

    Clinical Dietician, L'Institute Mutualiste Monsouris, Paris

    As part of the educational training Dr. Estephan developed special program for patients education and  coaching during a prepation period  for the bariatric surgery.

    The approach of this program is based on the midnful eating,  emotional regulation and self motivation practical tools.

    As the results, patients’ adhearence and behavioral changes were noticed following the implementation period of these educational activities. It was a great pleasure  to work  with Dr. Estephan, a highly skilled professional  and human centered person.

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