Improving resilience of healthcare professionals.

In healthcare management , individual and organizational resilence can make a difference in preserving the healthspan. According to the latest worldwide studies, the mental health of healthcare workers has considerably deteriorated during this ongoing pandemic. Increasing feeling of anxiety andepression, was decleared by 1/2 nurses, and level of suicides among healthcare givers doubled.
We can assume that was expected, as a result of a highly stressful environment which is not a surprise for healthcare professionals . The difference here is that an anxiety is caused not only by unprevisible situation, work overload, but also by the fear of severe illness and the fear of contaminating their loved ones. Meanwhile, scientists have invested in learning about the neurophysiological responses to stress, biological markers and even hormesis. Yet, our ancestors without having modern knowledge through ages were practicing  the meditation,  regular physical exersicing,  being socially involved with prosocial behaviors, like compassion and altruism. Creative activities like art and kind humor aRE ANOTHER WAY OF  enhance wellbeing and keep optimism in even life threatening environment.
What is the secret of resilience in healthcare professionals and how to improve the quality of the work environment and individual resilience?

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