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Maison Estephan is a virtual space of like-minded professionals where you will find encouragement and compassion.

We are your partners on your journey to wisdom.

We share experience and knowledge based on scientific evidence, recommended by international guidelines and expert committees. In addition to your professional expertise, you will learn new evidence-based practical skills that will enable you to improve the quality of the patients care.



Wisdom in the practice of healthcare organizations begins with taking care of each staff member, so that they can provide better care for every patient.

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About us

Madina Estephan

Founder of Maison Estephan

My passion for the medical field was inspired at an early age. Born into a 3-generation family of physicians, my direction led to earning a Medical Degree (MD) specialized in Ophthalmology, Master’s Degree in Public Health (MPH) & diploma in Dietetics. I am familiar with the daily routine of receptionists, the endless night shifts of nurses, the hard oncall nights of doctors, and the feeling of gratitude while helping others. After my clinical residency in ophthalmology, I aquired more than 12 years of a strong leadership & international management experience, until burnout happened. My life changed. This was followed by several years of the extensive research and experimentation with practical self-development and regulation tools. Sharing my experience has been a joy and an inspiration, that has helped me become a therapist, coach, and trainer.
Madina Estephan
  • Diplomas
  • Certifications
  • Master of Public Health and Healthcare Management, University Paris 6

    Paris, France

  • Dietetics-Nutrition, University Paris 12

    Paris, France

  • Ophthalmology Residency, EDRI

    Moscow, Russia

  • General Medicine, PFUR

    Moscow, Russia

  • Process Communication Model® trainer


  • Process Therapy Model® therapist


  • Process Communication Model® coach


  • Developing assertiveness to increase your influence

    Institut Supérieur du Marketing

  • Unfold your leadership potential

    Institut Supérieur du Marketing

Carole Estephan

Communication Director

Earning master’s degree with honors in business administration from the Lebanese American University, I am successfully implementing social media communication strategies, optimizing processes, expanding relationships, and attracting the necessary resources for international organizations. Experienced working directly with senior management and executive leadership professionals I successfully link communication strategies to overarching educational objectives, that strengthen community awareness, and motivates the targeted audiences to action.
Transforming my experience to work with Maison Estephan is an amazing opportunity to help healthcare providers create a strong community of healthcare professionals, who by starting with self- care will empower patients become the masters of their own health.

Carole Estephan


  • Elena Kalmikova

    Executive Director, European Oncology Clinic, Moscow

    The value of the seminar “Process Communication Model® and Interpersonal Communication in Medicine” that Dr Estephan provided to nurses staff at our clinic cannot be overestimated. To maintain high standards, we regulary organise staff trainings, as well as we target prevention measures to avoid professional burnout. The team of ward nurses enthusiastically participated in the PCM® seminar, demonstrating openness to new experiences and readiness to use practical skills of effective communication in a team, with patients, and also with their relatives and friends.

  • Oxana Moldovanova

    Founder & President of the National Foundation for Wemen Health "Beyond", Russia

    Process Communication Model® is a powerful tool to build effective relashionships with people in different situations and different environment. The Model is based on understanding of self-regulation, anticipation of stress behaviors of your interlocutor, and allowing to build positive team relashionships. This is very much needed in today’s healthcare environment. I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Madina Estephan and Victor Pashenko for a highly professional traning provided to clinical oncologists with support of our foundation.

  • Catherine Le Gallo

    Clinical Dietician, L'Institute Mutualiste Monsouris, Paris

    As part of the educational training Dr. Estephan developed special program for patients education and  coaching during a prepation period  for the bariatric surgery.

    The approach of this program is based on the midnful eating,  emotional regulation and self motivation practical tools.

    As the results, patients’ adhearence and behavioral changes were noticed following the implementation period of these educational activities. It was a great pleasure  to work  with Dr. Estephan, a highly skilled professional  and human centered person.

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